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9: Denim Shirtdress over Skinny Yellow Pants.

I recently wore this outfit for dinner and cocktails with a friend who visited from the States. She had just come from a one-week vacation to Italy so as soon as she saw me, she actually complimented my outfit pairing skinny pants with a dress. She said she saw similar looks around Italy and that I looked stylish, bold and ready to brace Fall. But to tell you the truth I don't know how I feel about this Outfit. I like to be daring with fashion but is this too much - what do you think? I wore my Dark Chambray Shirtdress over my Neon-bright Yellow Pants who have dots but in different shapes, not just circular ones. I felt like the heels were a good choice. And to add some interest as well as to tie in with the Royal Blue Clutch I decided to carry that night, I looped this little Polka Dot+Leopard Cobalt, Silky Scarf around my neck. This way I also did a little pattern-mixing, which so far I have done a lot of, during this second round of a 30 for 30 remix. I added a couple of simple…