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Olive Green Paired with Fuchsia... and I am Back!!

Finally having an outfit post. Hip Hip Hoorrayyyy!! I have been MIA but I need to explain why. You guys, this entire month of March, I haven't had a working home computer. My husband and I share a lap-top. Hopefully a few months into my new job, I can purchase a new lap-top however it is not in our budget now as this summer we plan to move to a newer, bigger, better apartment and we need to furnish it some more, also. Mid-February our lap-top started heating up, especially by where you plug in the charger. Granted it could be out fault, since we mostly use it from the comfort of our bed, laying down. It was OK for a while but it heated up so much one day that it started to burn the outside circle part (that inserts into the lap-top) of the cable of the charger. My husband finickled with it for a while, but the charger was no good. For about a week and a half we used my in-laws charger every now and then so at least I could check my personal e-mail & Facebook. We gave in and pu…