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(Late) Third Thursday Thoughts and Quotes #3.

TGIF Everyone! OK, let's pretend it is Thursday by the time I finish this post. Truth is I started writing it on Thursday but wasn't finished with it and I came home too tired after work, and didn't really feel like blogging after a real long day at work. But here, are you ready for a brain dump?! Third Thursday Thoughts and Quotes is basically a monthly post where I write whatever is on my mind LOL.

- You know that show I cannot stop talking about?! I am talking about "Wentworth" Well season 4 started two weeks ago and of course it is amazing. It is actually an Australian TV show and even if you live in Australia you have to have cable to watch it (Foxtel) but I have been lucky enough to watch both episodes so far, on a fan website. They are uploaded there just hours after it airs in Australia. To my Aussie blog readers and to the American readers for that matter too - start watching Wentworth. I promise you it will be THE BEST show you watch this Summer.

- Speaki…