Friday, May 20, 2016

(Late) Third Thursday Thoughts and Quotes #3.

TGIF Everyone! OK, let's pretend it is Thursday by the time I finish this post. Truth is I started writing it on Thursday but wasn't finished with it and I came home too tired after work, and didn't really feel like blogging after a real long day at work. But here, are you ready for a brain dump?! Third Thursday Thoughts and Quotes is basically a monthly post where I write whatever is on my mind LOL.

- You know that show I cannot stop talking about?! I am talking about "Wentworth" Well season 4 started two weeks ago and of course it is amazing. It is actually an Australian TV show and even if you live in Australia you have to have cable to watch it (Foxtel) but I have been lucky enough to watch both episodes so far, on a fan website. They are uploaded there just hours after it airs in Australia. To my Aussie blog readers and to the American readers for that matter too - start watching Wentworth. I promise you it will be THE BEST show you watch this Summer.

- Speaking of TV Shows, a new season of "The Bachelorette" starts this Monday on May 23rd and I really liked JoJo on the latest edition of "The Bachelor". I hope she finds her happy ending. She looks gorgeous on those commercials. But I took a peak at her guys and none of them really stood out to me, both from their looks and their mini bios. I am sure I will feel differently after watching the first episode but for now with job titles like "Hipster", "Canadian" and "Bachelor Fan" that three of the men have, my hopes aren't very high. I am a little upset about who chose these 'fun' men because that means they are unemployed. Or they may work for secret services like CIA but I doubt it. LOL

- Speaking of "The Bachelorette", I know there are several bloggers who do recaps of The Bachelor/Bachelorette after each episode airs and I find most of those posts hilarious. I thought about recapping at least one season, just for fun. Would you be interested in that for like future Tuesday or Wednesday weekly posts? Let me know and I will consider it, based on what you guys say.

- It has been over a month now that I purchased my adult coloring book but I have yet to start coloring on it. I think this weekend I finally will - fingers crossed. Have you ever colored on any adult color books and how do you like it?

- is dangerous which is probably no news to you, but the last few weeks I have done so many shopping orders there. It 'sucks' that they have deals and sales all the time and how can one resist their many cute items and brands? Online, they have like 20 more times of merchandise and brands than what's in stores. I am especially loving their dresses and maxis this season and have ordered several. Just minutes before I ordered some shorts and a couple of summer skirts too. The shorts for the entire family are 30% off currently and they have many cute selections. What I am loving is the fact that I do the option to ship my stuff at my local store. This is easy for me since I drive by there often and I only have to go to the store when everything is shipped and has arrived instead of getting a million packages at home. I am loving the "Who What Wear" collection but unfortunately most of their pieces can't be shipped to the store, IDK why they have done that. This was my birthday month and I have really splurged, for Vivian too, not just for myself...

- Which brings me to my shopping ban. It is happening guys, for real this time. I want to have a shop-free Summer but I will start with taking June and July off first (baby steps for this fashionista). The only 'rule' I will allow myself to break is when the perfect designer bag I am looking for (in a pastel color like Rose Quartz or Serenity) appears before my eyes, I will buy it. I have been saving up for a designer bag all year so far and I would love to own it before Summer is over.

- My shopping ban brings me to what to expect for this blog in the month of June. One word: Dresses. Lots and lots of dresses. I want to wear a different dress each day of the month and to shop my closet which is over-flowing with dresses. Of course, I will show several of my new dresses too. I probably won't have time to post every day of the month in June but in some posts I will style 2 or 3 dresses. So yeah, stay tuned for that.

- Yesterday was May 19th which means my sweet girl Vivi is now 40 months old or 3 years and 4 months old. I have no idea how she is growing up so fast but I want time to sit still for a little bit and let me enjoy my little girl. With that said, hard to believe that May will be over very soon. And before we know it, it will be Summer and I will blink and Summer will be gone and then I will complain about how fast it went.

- How would you feel about me posting some poetry every now and then here on the blog? I am not a big poet or anything but I have written many though it has been years since I haven't written one. I ran into one of my poetry note-books the other day and I read a few I had written. There were some gems there. Now most of the poetry I write is in Albanian, which is my native language but I have plenty in English too. Let me know what you think about this matter?

- I have been bad about posting much fashion-related posts on my Instagram. I need a selfie stick for some nice selfies of OOTD and I need to work on my flat-lays. But if you want to see what I eat and drink and what Vivian is up to, then do stop by my Instagram. Almost everything you see there is different than the content of the blog. And thank you for your visits and likes. Also, where do I buy a selfie stick?

- I cut off 7 inches of my hair, a couple of weeks ago (well a hair stylist cut it for me). Actually I have already posted a couple of OOTD photos with it but it has been pulled back. I have a few OOTD photos with my 'old hair' still to go but you will see it on the blog soon, probably next week.

- Last weekend's new series that I started "This Weekend" was a hit with all of you so the second edition of it will be next Saturday. Stay tuned. =)

- One more thing and then I will leave you to some quotes. Last Fall I did a week of 70's inspired Bohemian Looks on the blog. I have been loving Bohemian styles in the last year or so. Well, Debbie and I will be back with the Bohemian collaboration next week so stay tuned for our Spring edition on Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week.

OMG, I have so much in my mind!!

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