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Third Thursday Thoughts (on a Friday): The #NSale.

OK, so I started writing this post last night on Thursday to be clear and there are a million thoughts going in my mind, but I am going to try to keep it on point here. Thanks ahead for reading.

- Before we get to the #NSale, a little update on Vivian. As you know, this past Tuesday she underwent a tooth surgery and was under anesthesia for a few hours. The surgery went well and my little girl was brave and strong the whole time. But of course she was in a lot of pain (and still is) after and she is taking penicillin now and will do so for about 10 days. She also had a little bit of fever on Tuesday and Wednesday and mostly laid down in bed the whole time, no energy. Because there were quite a few fillings she had to get done, some of which for the front teeth or molars she uses to eat and bite with, the first day she almost ate nothing. Just orange juice and water for my baby. The next day was a little bit better. I will be honest, she is a very bad and very picky eater. She eats very…