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Style Swap: No Longer Neglected Military Blazer and Orange V-Neck Sweater.

Last Friday I swapped Styles with the Lovely JESS of J's Style. This Friday, I am doing it again. =) Once again I am linking up with HEATHER for "Pinned It and Did It" and both JENN and GINNY for their Style Swap Link Up. This week I "copied" this Simple, Layered Outfit from Jess because it was a no-brainer for me. It is Casual, Comfortable, Chic, 100% My Style (since I love Leggings) and Perfect for me especially now that I am a Mom.

I had very similar pieces to re-create this. I even have a Long Tank in that same Dusty Rose as Jess' Tee, but I wore this in Real Life yesterday and it would have been too cold for a Tank Top. I even wore a Leather Blazer on top. My feet were a little cold, not as much due to the temperatures (it was in the low 50s) but because of the cold winds. But what don't we do for Fashion, right? Especially as a Fashion Blogger. At the same time, I wanted to swap this look today, because I really wanted to wear my Military Jacket w…