Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Currently: August 2015 (Traveling Overseas and a Floral Yellow Dress).

Happy Tuesday Everyone. Popping in today for a quick post. I might be back with a post next week, then I will come back to my regular schedule in two weeks on August 17th. Meanwhile I got several guest posts here all this week and next week so enjoy their posts and stop by their blogs and say "Hello"!

I am doing another "Currently" Post, this time for August. We are flying Transatlantic on Thursday so that is the major thing going on, right now. Like last time, I am linking up with Anne, tomorrow. Happy Birthday Dad and Enjoy this week, everyone!!

creating: Well, I have no time to create anything these days. If lists count, I am creating several different lists about our traveling, such as what to wear on the plane; what to put on the carry-on; what food I could possibly bring for Vivian, on the plane, that is allowed; letting things in a decent order here at our home, etc. Any feedback on this or advice is hugely appreciated.

wishlisting: Ohh I am wishlising some shorts, a few fun tops that can be transitioned into Fall, a couple of kimonos and a couple of rompers and jumpers. I plan on hitting Old Navy as early as this weeked. I also plan to stop at Express, Loft, F21 and The Limited, soon.

hoping: My biggest hope this week is to have a very smooth flight on Thursday with my 2 and a half year old. Vivian and I are flying solo so I hope it goes smooth and easy, well as easy as possible. My hope for this month is for Vivian to transition well to all the changes: different city, different home, different car, different weather, different food, different everything actually. 

eating: I am about to have my lunch and eat a soup I make with very fine Italian Angel Hair, drink some juice and finish off with a fudge dark chocolate and vanilla gelato.

watching: I am hooked on Big Brother US this Summer (like always lol) so I just finished one of their recent episodes. I still have 3 more to catch up. Due to being super busy this Summer that is what I am currently watching, mostly. I didn't get to finish the whole season of "The Bcehlorette". I do plan on watching "Bachelor Pad" though. That's all the reality TV for me currently. Once these are over, I do plan on watching the current season of "Master Chef" (US version), start the third season of "Orange is the New Black" and continue where I left off with "Switched at Birth".

I figured I sign off with one last outfit before my break and I chose a pretty dress for you. I love the combination of Yellow, Black and White, especially for Summer. This Dress has a yellow background and has a black+white pattern of roses and butterflies. I purchased it last Summer brand-new for 6 bucks! I added my Black+Cognac Wedges, a Black Lariat Necklace, Yellow Flower Studs and a Lavender-Patterned Wide Belt. The Belt has a very small floral print and a Big Rose in the middle. It looked so effortless paired with the Dress. What do you think?

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And for the first time ever I am joining the 3 Fabulous Fashionistas for their new Monday Link-up called "A Lovely Little A La Mode".

Thank you all for reading today. Bear with me for the next couple of weeks. I will catch back with you all after I am all settled in mid-August.
Happy August!!

Last but not least: Pretty Please Keep Vivian and I in your prayers for our upcoming long flight.