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Currently: August 2015 (Traveling Overseas and a Floral Yellow Dress).

Happy Tuesday Everyone. Popping in today for a quick post. I might be back with a post next week, then I will come back to my regular schedule in two weeks on August 17th. Meanwhile I got several guest posts here all this week and next week so enjoy their posts and stop by their blogs and say "Hello"!I am doing another "Currently" Post, this time for August. We are flying Transatlantic on Thursday so that is the major thing going on, right now. Like last time, I am linking up with Anne, tomorrow. Happy Birthday Dad and Enjoy this week, everyone!!
creating: Well, I have no time to create anything these days. If lists count, I am creating several different lists about our traveling, such as what to wear on the plane; what to put on the carry-on; what food I could possibly bring for Vivian, on the plane, that is allowed; letting things in a decent order here at our home, etc. Any feedback on this or advice is hugely appreciated.
wishlisting: Ohh I am wishlising some sho…