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My Normal isn't Your Normal.

Normal, what is normal anyway?! What is normal nowadays?! What should the life of a normal 30-something be?!What does a normal woman my age (in her 30s) does on the daily?! Normal is waking up in the morning next to your spouse, kissing them, then checking on your child/ren, waking them up, getting them ready for school, preparing breakfast, drinking your coffee and maybe even spilling some of it and starting your day feeling in a rush, always, whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom. But perhaps that is not your normal. Maybe you are single, not married, separated, divorced or have a boyfriend but don't live together. Maybe you have a live-in boyfriend. Maybe you have a girlfriend. Maybe you live with your parents, or a sibling, or a room-mate. Is that 'not' normal?! See, 'my normal' may look different than your normal or everyone else's normal. And that is perfectly fine, it is perfectly OK. Everyone's life is different and our journeys are di…