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Linen, Leopard and Love-Lettered Purse.

You guys I am exhausted. Husband and I have gotten very little sleep last night (it's not what you are thinking if you are thinking what I am thinking you are LOL). Enough word playing. But seriously if you have children, you know that at least until they are 3 years old, there will be several sleepless nights. Vivian keeps me so busy during the day, she sleeps for several short periods of time & barely let's me sleep or nap during the day. I am still posting this outfit today though to follow with the Pantone-inspired Challenge and once again link up with Marissa and Heidi.

I wore this outfit last night, just for a walk & coffee with My Husband & My Girl. I hadn't worn heels in forever and speaking of forever I have had these since Mervyn's California days. Is that department store still in existence anywhere? I used to love it & shopped there a lot when it was around. I liked it better than Kohl's & JC Penney. Well, these are slides, in a Leop…