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Striped Dresses Week: Peppermint Striped Dress from Summer to Fall.

It dragged a little bit but the Striped Dress week is coming to an end with my Peppermint Striped Fit+Flare Dress. I happen to love this Cute, Girly Dress. I wore it once more this Summer. However (as you will see from the collage below), I have transitioned this Dress into Fall, before. The Outfit where I layered the White Blouse underneath it and added the Deep Red Silk Scarf which I tied into a Bow, is from last Fall.
This Flirty Dress makes a statement (I think) on its own. So, for a late Summer day I let the dress be the main dish and added little extras as side dishes. I layered 2 Dainty Real Gold Heart Necklaces, a few Dainty Real Gold Bracelets and added more Stripes through my Shoes. These Peep-Toe Ballet Flats are cute, comfy and a very on-trend item. They have zebra brown+ivory stripes. Miss Vivian matched me in her own adorable Peppermint-Striped Dress and yes the matching was done on purpose (this time lol). I can see this Dress work for the Holiday season too. For a Holi…