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Thursday Moda #29: Fall Florals and Jewel Tones.

 Welcome to a new Thursday Moda. It is all about Fall Florals and Jewel Tones today. My lovely co-host SHELBEE from Shelbee on the Edge and I are styling Pretty, Long-Sleeve Floral Blouses paired with Jewel Tones. She has those Beautiful Wine Booties on plus a Deep Purple Statement Necklace (that pick up the purple from the blouse) and I have an Emerald Necklace matched with Emerald Earrings to offset all the Navy in my outfit. And I have on this awesome jewel-toned lipstick. Shelbee is a mom like myself and she has a fun-named "On The Edge" Fashion linkup on Fridays so make sure you join her, too.
We have had some cool days here last week (though it warmed up again, now). I wore this Outfit to work mixing this Floral See-Through Navy Tunic (the flowers are periwinkle with red and lime) with a Navy Textured Jacquard Wrap Mini Skirt in an oversized houndstooth print. Those Kendra Scott earrings and long necklace paired so well though the green shade is not quite the same. I ad…