Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2016 in Review - a Year of Dresses, part 2. Plus Linkup.

If you missed it, a couple of weeks ago I recapped my 15 Most Favorite Dresses of 2016 for the first 6 months of the year (January thru June). Today I am doing part two and showing you the rest of my favorite dresses (another 15) for the months of July thru December. 2016 was a year where I wore a lot of dresses. It was also a year I purchased many dresses - most of which were from Target. I found so many gems at target.com - that place is a dangerous little heaven for my pocket. But I also added dresses from other brands I love like Banana Republic, Loft, The Limited (R.I.P. - I cannot believe they closed down), Old Navy and Ann Taylor. "Who What Wear" - the chic, polished line from Target was also one of the dress brands I loved in 2016. I added a few dresses from them (and some skirts, blouses and jackets too - love them!)

2016 was the year of the Sundresses, several of which I wore during our vacation in early July and more during our many trips when my sister in law visited in August. Unfortunately I didn't document/blog at least half of these looks since I had such a busy Summer and I didn't blog as much. It was also the year of the Maxi for me. I wore a lot of Maxi Dresses - most of which were new since my closet was lacking them. A few of those were the Hi-Lo Style. But two style of dresses I added the most to my closet in the last year were Little White Dresses and Denim Dresses (as it is evident on today's post, too). I probably wore LWDs the most though (easily 10 of them or so) some of which I had in my closet already and others were new. I ended up 2016 with wearing a lot of dresses since in December I followed the Dressember challenge to support one fantastic women's cause. I will do a recap of all the dresses I wore in December (side by side) at the end of this post too, so keep reading... So let's take a look at my favorites from July to December without any commentary necessary. I will let the dresses and how I styled them speak for themselves. Hope you like them! Thanks for stopping by today. =)

July 2016.

August 2016.

September 2016.

October 2016.

November 2016.

December 2016.

Last but not least...
Highlight from the last 6 months of 2016 - My Christmas Home Tour.