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The Most Adorable School Girl and Blush Pink.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I post a lot of photos of Vivian in her cute outfits. Every day I snap pictures of of her every morning for school and a lot of them make it on my Instagram feed. She loves clothes, accessories, colors and even makeup and loves posing. Vivian even has her own hashtags I have started for her: #whatvivianwore and #whatvivianworetoschool - do you follow me?! Do you follow them?! Just a couple of days ago Vivian wore and styled this adorable outfits mixing lots of stripes - from her blush pink/white/navy striped hoodie tee by Abercrombie to her black+white over-the-knee panda socks by Target with her fun tulle overlay skirt which has pretty pastel polka dots. Between the skirt, Mary Jane shoes, her over-the-knee socks and her two braids, Vivian looked like a Catholic School Girl - the cutest  and most adorable of them all!
I told Vivian to snap a couple of quick pictures of mommy since I liked my outfit. I, like Vivian am also wearing light pink or…