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Lots of Ruffles Times Two.

These outfit photos were taken the day Vivian (finally) got her ears pierced, which was exactly 5 weeks ago. I have been telling her to pierce her ears for the last two years now but she hates shots and being poked or pinched lol, but if you follow me on Instagram as I showed it through my Insta Stories, she did great and was very brave and when it was all said and done, she realized getting her ears pierced as as easy as 1, 2, 3. Claire's always does such a great job and little Viv got a couple of toys afterwards (the little toy she has in her hands, in some of her pics). I love her little gold earrings with the tiny but very sparkly pink crystals. She chose the earrings herself, of course.
LOTS  OF  RUFFLES  TIMES  TWO. As you can tell, we rocked the ruffles that day. We wore coordinating Flutter-Sleeve Dresses. Mine is by Loft and I love the little Dandelion Print on it. Since the colors are red (sort of like a burnt orange) white and blue, this dress would have been cute for the…