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Accessories - Many Headbands, Many Ways.

Happy Hump Day Lovelies. I am joining this week's challenge once again today and talk accessories with you. I am not gonna lie to you, I love Shoes. I love Purses too but Shoes much more so. However to me they are more than accessory, they are in a way Clothing for your Feet. They are a Must. You need Shoes to finish off an outfit. Since I have moved to Albania due to me walking a lot, I have actually worn a lot more flats than heels. I adore Ballet Flats but lately I have been loving Loafers, Boat Shoes & Oxford Shoes too, so I have added a lot of those to my wardrobe. I actually own at least 150 pairs of shoes. I'd love to show you a snippet of my collection through a collage but due to time restraints, that has to be left for a future post, when the Baby Girl is older.

So, today I will talk about an accessory that perhaps most of you do not like, or do not wear a lot or whatever but it is definitely an accessory I use and wear a lot. That would be HEADBANDS. Since as lo…