Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Accessories - Many Headbands, Many Ways.

Happy Hump Day Lovelies. I am joining this week's challenge once again today and talk accessories with you. I am not gonna lie to you, I love Shoes. I love Purses too but Shoes much more so. However to me they are more than accessory, they are in a way Clothing for your Feet. They are a Must. You need Shoes to finish off an outfit. Since I have moved to Albania due to me walking a lot, I have actually worn a lot more flats than heels. I adore Ballet Flats but lately I have been loving Loafers, Boat Shoes & Oxford Shoes too, so I have added a lot of those to my wardrobe. I actually own at least 150 pairs of shoes. I'd love to show you a snippet of my collection through a collage but due to time restraints, that has to be left for a future post, when the Baby Girl is older.

So, today I will talk about an accessory that perhaps most of you do not like, or do not wear a lot or whatever but it is definitely an accessory I use and wear a lot. That would be HEADBANDS. Since as long as I can remember, since I was a toddler, I have worn and loved headbands. I have loved all hair accessories for that matter, but especially headbands. Now, in my early 30s I still adore and love headbands and wear them if not daily, weekly. I own a large collection of headbands, probably over 50. Below you will see just a bunch of them, what I have worn in the last 5 years or so. I buy headbands everywhere - no need to spend a ton of money on them, especially if you like them as much as I do. Most of my headbands however, are from The Limited, Express, New York & Co., Forever 21, Bijoux & Accessories, Bebe & Target. My favorite styles of headbands have bows or flowers off the side. I also like headbands with feather details or sparkly stones. Though sometimes just a plain, circle band is just fine. I think headbands serve so many purposes. They keep your hair away from your face. They dress up your hair. They work for when your hair is dirty or hasn't been washed for a few days. They are the quickest, simplest thing to add to your hair if you don't feel like styling it or blow-drying it. Headbands look great with your hair down but even if you have it up in a ponytail or bun. They work for all hair lengths, too. Ohhh. and the look so cute on babies, too. You bet Vivian has already her own little collection of headbands. =)

So, below I present you a lot of my headbands. I will tell you where they come from too, from the best of my knowledge. I definitely recognize the ones from the stores I mentioned above. The rest, I thought very hard of the source. Anyways, here are my accessories for today's challenge.

From left to right:
1st row: New York & Co, The Limited, Burberry, Terra Nova.
2nd row: White House Black Market, The Limited, The Limited, Target.
3rd row: The Limited, Terra Nova, J Crew, New York & Co.
4th row: A Boutique in Albania, Bijoux & Accessories, Express, The Limited.
5th row: Pacific Sunwear, Bebe, Bijoux & Accessories, Club Monaco.
6th row: Forever 21, Express, The Limited, Express.
7th row: Forever 21, Forever 21, A Boutique in Albania, Bijoux & Accessories.
8th row: Old Navy, Forever 21, Forever 21, New York & Co.