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Mom to Work Wear: Pinstriped, Ruffled Oxford Shirt.

Hello Monday. Hello Summer 2015! It is officially here - another season of sunshine, 80-90 degree weathers, shorts, sandals, fun-colored pedicures, florals, pastels, bright colors, floppy hats + fedoras, neon accessories, sundresses, maxi dresses, relaxing vacations, pool fun, voleyball, outdoor concerts, the sun, the sand, the sea and the beach. It will be an unforgettable Summer for my family and I especially for sweet little Viv, as Vivian and I are spending half of this Summer in this continent (Europe) and the other half in United States. I also apologize for not doing a Mom Wear to Work Wear Post in over two months but I haven't blogged as much in May or June and that's ok. Coincidentally, last time I styled my White Jeans for both occasions and this time, the post is aroung my Pinstriped (Periwinkle), Ruffled Oxford Shirt but White Jeans are still in the mix.
I am glad I still have a few work looks to show you guys and technically with both of my previous jobs (I am don…