Thursday, November 27, 2014

Flashback Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! Every time Thanksgiving comes I am reminded to pay my Thanks to people and things I shouldn't take for granted, but also that the year is almost coming to a close. Where did 2014 go, friends?

I thought for fun, I would show you my Thanksgiving Outfit from last year and some other pictures with Vivian. Due to being busy with visiting family in the States and traveling, I didn't get around to posting it, last year. But before I get to that, I first and foremost wanted to say that the 2 women in my life I love the most and I am Thankful for the most are these 2 ladies below: My Mom and my Daughter Vivian. If I continue to be a good mom to Vivian, at least half as good as my mom ever was to me, I have accomplished my duties as a mom, in this life. As Vivian grows, I grow as a person and as a mom with her. As she learns new things every day, I also learn with her and from her. 

Every day God reminds me more and more of how lucky I am to have Vivian and to be her mom. And every day I remind myself that it is not things that matter (though this is mostly a style blog and all), but it is the people who matter. THE PEOPLE whom we love and call Family and Friends. Thank you God for all of My Blessings.
They are so precious together and I am such a lucky girl to have them!!

Now, this is the Outfit I wore for Thanksgiving Dinner last year. I decided to dress up my first pair of Skinny Olive Pants (this pair from Gap was purchased a few years ago, on clearance, and the cost per wear is so low by now). I dressed them up with one of my many Bustiers and a Pair of Sexy Black Stilettos. The White Bustier has Sequins splashed in a pattern around the front and it is by White House Black Market, like most of the ones I own. The Cage Shoes were a huge trend last year and continue to be so this year. This Leather pair is by Nine West and at least 50% of my shoes are from there, because I find them to be such a great quality and when purchased on sale or with coupons, I get great quality for little money. I added some White Stone+Crystal Statement Earrings, Simple Pearl Bracelet and a Quilted Faux Leather Purse. However, since I knew I would be attending to a 10-month old baby, I did switch to my White, Crystal-Encrusted, Ballet Flats (when needed), also from Nine West. What do you think? Have you paired Olive with White before? Do you own a Bustier or are you not a fan of them? Speaking of Bustiers, I did link up 3 gorgeous options currently selling at White House Black Market. You are welcome!

Now, at first we put Vivian in this Adorable Minnie Mousse Outfit since she was meeting her two young girl cousins and they also came dressed in Minnie Mousse Dresses. The three of us Moms chose to take some photos of our girls together in their Minnie Dresses, especially since it was the last time that Vivian was meeting her cousins in the States (during our stay). Look at my Smiling Munchkin holding on to a Microphone Toy (a present for her). I miss her as a little baby though it wasn't long ago, at all. Time flew!!!

Later, for our Dinner and Thanksgiving Celebrations, Vivian wore a more appropriate Holiday Outfit. She wore a Pink Velour and White Dress, with some White Leggings w/ tiny Baby Pink Dots and some Baby Pink Ballerinas w/ a little Lace Bow on her hair. We had just gotten that doll for her so she was truly loving it at the time, lol.

Wishing you all today a Thanksgiving filled with Rich Tables and Rich Hearts!!
Stay tuned for some special Thanksgiving-related posts, this weekend. Thank You.