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Flashback Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! Every time Thanksgiving comes I am reminded to pay my Thanks to people and things I shouldn't take for granted, but also that the year is almost coming to a close. Where did 2014 go, friends?
I thought for fun, I would show you my Thanksgiving Outfit from last year and some other pictures with Vivian. Due to being busy with visiting family in the States and traveling, I didn't get around to posting it, last year. But before I get to that, I first and foremost wanted to say that the 2 women in my life I love the most and I am Thankful for the most are these 2 ladies below: My Mom and my Daughter Vivian. If I continue to be a good mom to Vivian, at least half as good as my mom ever was to me, I have accomplished my duties as a mom, in this life. As Vivian grows, I grow as a person and as a mom with her. As she learns new things every day, I also learn with her and from her. 

Every day God reminds me more and more of how lucky I am to have Vivian and t…