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Cargo Olive Skinnies - 2 Casual Looks and Mommy Talk.

Before we get to today's two outfits let's talk a little bit about real life. As a first-time Mom, everything I experience with Vivian is new to me. Of course I have done a lot of reading about babies and toddlers (before having her and after), talked to friends who have older kids, shared experiences with my mom, mom-in-law, aunts, etc. but every child is different. I have a lot of neighbors and friends who have children a year or two older than Vivian and almost all of them told me that kids get sick a lot, especially after they turn one. This is totally the case with Vivian. Fortunately, she almost never got sick the first 12 months of her life. Even when she took her 2-month, 4-month, 6-month shots etc. But then January hit and as soon as she turned one, she got sick really bad with a cold virus, high fever etc. It took her over two weeks to get better. As soon as she got a little better and we needed to have her take her 1-year shots, she got sick yet again, and then agai…