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Flashback Friday: Favorite Summer Dresses of 2016, into Fall (pt. 1).

TGIF Everyone!! How is it the end of September already? As we all know September is the last official month of Summer. Fall is indeed here both calendar-wise and weather-wise. To tell you the truth, I consider the last day of September, the very last day of Summer. In fact, remembering my styles from this Summer, I know I have worn many dresses this Summer, a lot of which didn't make it to the blog, either, sorry about that. I am once and for all saying a bittersweet Farewell to Summer by recapping 12 Favorite Dresses from Summer 2016 and talking a little bit about each of them. For each outfit, I will also include some advice on how to style each dress for Fall. I actually did a similar post when I guest blogged for Nina last week so I figured I would do the same in my blog. Ohh and there will be a part two to this post. Stay tuned. =)

Dress: Nordstrom. Original Post.
OK, so I wore this dress towards the end of Spring, resulting in a Sporty Americana Atheisure look which I love, pair…