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Polished Polka.

You wake up sometimes in the morning and think about what you want to wear that day (or at least the first part of the day) and have no clue. Well, this was not one of those mornings for me. Actually as I was half-asleep still in my bed, and after knowing it had rained a lot during the night I knew what I wanted to wear. I wanted to be comfortable while still look cute. So I opted for leggings with a bright-colored sweater. I have worn this sweater, similarly before. Well, you guys know I am some days behind with outfit posts so today's outfit posting is not what I described but I just wanted to share my thought process with you.

So I had my morning coffee (well a dark chocolate drink for me, actually) with a dear friend of mine who has come to visit her family & friends, from Germany. I haven't seen her in almost a year since the end of last November. Germany is the mother-land of Kinder, one of the best candy brands in the world, so she makes sure to always bring me some…