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Good Morning. I snapped these 3 photos today on March 5th just this morning (it is still March 4th over there) around 7.45 AM this morning, just to link up with AGI for her Unique "I am Beautiful Link Up" where she challenges us bloggers to post some up close photos of ourselves without any makeup on. So all you see is me after washing my face and my teeth this morning and after a soft brushing of my hair. I am even in my soft Purple Terrycloth Robe.
But truth me told, I don't always wear makeup whether it is in real life or in/for the blog. After all, the Outfits I show you here are my actual, Real-Life Outfits or what I style for Fashion Challenges. I was brave and showed you guys 3 photos, one of me smiling, one of me with a serious face and a profile one. I will tell you what though, I may look tired because I am. This is my 4th night on very little sleep where I wake up every 20-40 minutes because of Vivian. I don't know if it is because of teething or she sees n…

Stripes, Checks and Cords.

Happy Tuesday Loves!! 
It is cold, windy and rainy around here. I am definitely dressed in warm layers. The Outfit on the blog today, was from last weekend. I wanted to achieve a few things with it: 1) wear my Gorgeous Bordeaux Corduroy Skinny Pants that had been ignored for far too long (since Early April 2013 almost a year ago); 2) try to put together an Outfit for the Trend Spin Link Up today which is Stripes and Checks; 3) layer an Over-sized Button-down Shirt over a Light Sweater (my Husband's Checkered Shirt worked perfectly for this). So, I hit all of these things with this Outfit. And then, I learned that Trendy Tuesday with Danielle today, is Gingham and Cords. Lovely Danielle even styled her B+W Gingham Shirt with Burgundy Pants, like mine. Great minds think alike. (So, I hit the bull in its head with this Outfit.) Funny thing is I was going to wear a Small-Gingham Button-down with this, but I switched to these Checkered/Square Printed Button-down last second.

Let me jus…