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Thursday Moda #206: COVID-19, Uncertainty, Saint Patrick's Day and Living Life.

Who would have ever guessed that on March 2020, a huge pandemic virus would make its rounds through the globe and hit the entire world so hard that every country, every state, one by one, is closing down schools, universities, restaurants, hotels, offices, factories, stores, airports, malls, close down lots of businesses and drastically reduce flights, and gatherings, cancel events, concerts, movie premieres, sporting events, important games. etc. Even the Olympic Games in Tokyo will most likely get canceled this upcoming July. We are really living through some tough times and it is a war with an enemy that seems so hard to fight, a war that - if I am being very honest - will leave us broken, broke, battered, desperate, depressed and downright sad, as we brutally yet hopefully live each day from the couches or our cozy beds we will definitely get to know a lot better, as most of us are home these days. This all feels like it's a very long bad dream that needs to stop RIGHT NOW or …