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Thursday Moda #133: Mommy+Daughter in Casual Pink Skirts.

Another day, another Mommy+Me post. Today our outfits are super casual yet cute and put-together. We are both wearing Casual Pink Skirts. I have gone out, gone to lunch, coffee dates, out and about, visited different cities + down-towns, shopped and ran errands a lot with Vivian this Summer, as several of my posts from May until now have indicated as well. I have at least another 6-7 similar posts like this to share and hope to do so before October is over. With that said, I apologize for not being so active this September. I cannot believe it is Sept 19th already. Where has this month gone?! With Vivian starting school and getting used to a new schedule and sleeping schedule for both of us, I have had a hard time keeping up with the blog. I have at least two dozens outfits from Summer not blogged. I have been pretty silent on commenting (especially the last couple of weeks) and I have only linked my posts about 50% of the time the last month. I hope starting next week that will chang…