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Thursday Moda #13 and Spring Bohemian Ethereal White.

Lucky 13! Today is the 13th week I have been running Thursday Moda and it has been going quite well so far, growing its members each week. I have Vivian with me on the blog today. I am continuing the Spring Bohemian week but in honor of Memorial Day weekend, both of our outfits have a lot of red, white and blue, too. In case you missed them, so far, for the Spring Bohemian week I styled an Elephant Dressa Black Bell-Sleeve Romper and a Babydoll Blue Romper. Today I am styling a Gauze Maxi Dress. Which outfit is your favorite so far?
A Gauze material is perfectly breezy and says Bohemian, for Spring and Summer. And there is nothing more fresh, easy-to-wear and keeps-you-cool than a Gauze Maxi. Even better if said maxi dress is in white. I am calling this my "Casual and Ethereal White-Out Look" because the white maxi dress paired with the easy open cardigan gives you that Greek Goddess Bohemian feeling. What makes this Maxi Dress even more Boho is the gold embroidery on the f…

Spring Bohemian: Babydoll Romper, Denim and Ghillies.

It is the third day of my "Spring Bohemian Week" and the second day of the series I am collaborating with DEBBIE from Fashion Fairy Dust. Our outfits feel so Summery Bohemian today and definitely work for late Spring. It is so funny how we are both wearing Blue Denim, Ghilly Shoes and Embroidered tops (her off-shoulder blouse and my romper). If Debbie was wearing a hat, I would feel like we copied each-other without even knowing it. LOL You can check out my first Spring Bohemian collaboration post with Debbie here and my second Spring Bohemian look, here.
Today's Bohemian Look is totally casual but put-together and if you are having third-day hair (which I wasn't but anyway), the hat is a great coverup. Funny story, when I picked up this Blue Embroidered Romper at Target on clearance, I thought it was a Tunic Top. It looked like a long tunic with an oversized peplum ruffle. I didn't realize it was a Romper till the moment I put it on, silly me. Tank Top or Romper,…