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Guest Post: Alex on Street Style and her own Personal Style.

One of the best things I enjoy about participating in link-ups is finding out so many other diverse bloggers. Some of them might be totally different than you: their style may be opposite to yours, they live a completely-different lifestyle, they listen to totally opposite tunes than you do. But that is OK. That is the beauty of Individual Style. Today I have Alex from Funky Jungle. Just like the name of her blog suggests: her style is funky but totally modern, chic and European-inspired at the same time. Alex is originally from Germany but currently lives in Italy. I am sure her style has been influenced by both of these amazing countries just like mine is influenced both from Albania and USA. Every time I think of Alex, I think of Euro-City Street Style so I asked her for her take on it. Read on because she makes some great points.

When Ada contacted me asking whether I'd guest post for her, I immediately said yes. We then started to talk about the topic and Ada sugges…