Friday, August 7, 2015

Guest Post: Alex on Street Style and her own Personal Style.

One of the best things I enjoy about participating in link-ups is finding out so many other diverse bloggers. Some of them might be totally different than you: their style may be opposite to yours, they live a completely-different lifestyle, they listen to totally opposite tunes than you do. But that is OK. That is the beauty of Individual Style. Today I have Alex from Funky Jungle. Just like the name of her blog suggests: her style is funky but totally modern, chic and European-inspired at the same time. Alex is originally from Germany but currently lives in Italy. I am sure her style has been influenced by both of these amazing countries just like mine is influenced both from Albania and USA. Every time I think of Alex, I think of Euro-City Street Style so I asked her for her take on it. Read on because she makes some great points.


When Ada contacted me asking whether I'd guest post for her, I immediately said yes. We then started to talk about the topic and Ada suggested I'd write about European Street Style, which left me pondering the question "What is Street Style?".

Street Style literally is - obviously - the style people wear when they are on the street. In general, when people talk about street style, they however refer to or think of the big fashion cities and capitals of this world with its busy buzzing streets. There are tons of websites and blogs dedicated to showcase this.

Then we have the phenomenon of the "Fashion Week Street Style" which is the street style of people that (theoretically) attend the shows and presentations during fashion week. However, rumour has it that some of these people are actually just there to add to the spectacle. And dressing has become more specifically curated for all our entertainment and fashion inspiration.

I grew up in a small village (it's grown since then), near a small town in the country side. I've been to big cities sure, but never long enough to get a real impression of a certain style that was distinct for that place. When I was a teen, I dressed to fit in with a certain group. Depending with whom I'd hang out, my style changed. Which I think is pretty normal. So back then, even if I already had a subscription to Elle & Marie Claire, I didn't have my own style.

Fast forward. I now have my own style, but I wouldn't say it is Italian. I am not Italian after all, even if I absolutely was and am influenced by living here. And that's what makes the beauty of street style for me. The inspiration. I love looking at pictures not only of the fashion week crowd, but also of normal people in their outfits "on the streets". Or just watch those "normal" people whilst sitting in a street cafe. What do they wear? How do they wear it? It's often the little details. Maybe an unusual combination. Here in town for example, we have the most awesome older lady. She dresses outrageously, doesn't give a hoot about her age style wise and is miles ahead of the other signoras of her age. I always enjoy seeing her strutting it. She'd totally fit into Advanced Style and is a true inspiration.

And you? Do you take inspiration from the streets in your life? Do you like looking at the popular "street style photography"?

Some of my favourite "street style" looks from Funky Jungle:
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See, isn't her style fun, different and totally street-chic? She has fun combat boots that she pairs even with an elegant LBD, and always wears her jeans in the most unique ways. She even pulls off the heel sandals with socks look, beautifully. I really enjoyed this little post she wrote. For more fun, trendy, street-chic looks check out her blog! Thank you.