Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gray Skinnies with Sweaters + Scarves for Casual Evenings.

Earlier this month, this pair of Gray Pants have been worn 4-5 times within 2 weeks. I have usually paired them with a Sweater on top for when I have gone out with my girl for a walk (stroller ride in her part) in late afternoon/evening time, for when it has been chilly out. I have had these pants in my closet forever ago & they probably have costed pennies by now since their cost per wear has gotten lower & lower because of how often I have worn them. Below you will see them with a Leopard Print, Shimmery Olive+Gold Long Sweater by Express & my Olive Green, Linen Scarf. Next, you will see them with my Magenta Loft Sweater & my Navy/White Gingham Scarf & last you will see them with my Loose White Express Sweater & that Bright, Beautiful Yellow/Red Carousel Scarf. Since all of these Scarves have costed less than 7 bucks each (6.90, 3.50 & 5 bucks specifically) I am also linking up today with Look what I've Got. And each time I kept my toes very comfy too, since Loafers were worn once, Cozy Rain Boots once, & Pleather, Converse-style Sneakers were worn another time. Which of the 3 looks is your Favorite?

I am noticing that Jewelry is missing in these Outfits. Maybe I should have accessorized with a pair of Earrings or some Bracelets, but I am usually more Relaxed & Casual in the evening time, now that I am a Mom.
Gold & Olive Green Metallic, Leopard-Print Sweater: Express.
Charcoal Gray, Rayon-Stretch, Skinny Pants: Express.
Olive Green, Simple, Linen-Blend Scarf: Gruppo Fiori.
Olive Green, Metallic Hair Claw: Carefour.
Yellow, Soft Leather, Buckled Loafers: Nine West.
Fuchsia, Boat-Neck, Light Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Charcoal Gray, Rayon-Stretch, Skinny Pants: Express.
Navy & White Gingham Scarf: Terra Nova.
Charcoal Gray, Quilted & Rubber, Lace-up Rain Boots: Costco.
Loose, V-Neck, 3\4-Sleeve, Ribbed, White Cotton Sweater: Express.
Charcoal Gray, Rayon-Stretch, Skinny Pants: Express.
Yellow, Hot, Pink, Carousel & Bicycle Print, Light Linen Scarf: A Scarf Boutique.
Olive-Green, Patent Leather, Tennis Shoes w/ Laces: Simple Shoes.

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