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Pink Patterned Leggings from Day to Night.

I was editing these photos and trying to have this post shown on the blog yesterday (Thursday) but between me working very long hours on Thursday (as I have mentioned before) and Vivian being a little congested and under the weather, life got in the way. I am determined today to show you this two-in-one post, even if it is almost lunch-time. I wanted to show you two ways (from day to night) how I recently styled these Pink Patterned Leggings and this Black Turtleneck Tunic. Both Outfits were worn on the same day, last weekend. A change of Accessories and a Vest was all it took to make it different from casual to dressy.
This outfit was worn on a 'Mom Day', you know a day I went to Target to pick up some detergent, some Valentine's Candy, a birthday present, some items from the dollar spot most likely I don't need and one thing or two for me (probably more things I do not need lol). Then I picked some fresh flowers, some cheese, a warm loaf of bread and some wine from a…