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Marsala Oxford Booties, Marsala Tights and Jeweled Tee.

Welcome to Marsala Week which also happens to be the second week of March. Crazyyyy! I will start off today with two items (of mine) I have worn a lot lately: My Marsala Oxford Booties and my Marsala Semi-Opaque Tights. However, stay tuned because I will show you all of my new haul of Marsala/Burgundy/Wine/Maroon Stuff the rest of the week. =) Also, this week I will be showing several other new items I have recently added to my closet (some not as recent, maybe as long as 5-6 months ago, but that hadn't been worn lately - gasppp!).
This is the last outfit left over from Valentine's Weekend this year. I saved it for this week since it is Marsala Week. The new item here (besides my Tights) is this Gray Jeweled Tee by Zara. I wore the same tee to work during the day on February 13th. For a one-year old's Birthday Party, we had to go to that evening, I decided to dress up the tee a little. So I wore my neglected Faux Leather, Quilted, Black Skater Skirt with my Zara Jeweled Te…