Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools' Promise and an OOTD.

Happy April Fools Day!! I declare today and this month - THE MONTH OF NO SHOPPING for me!!

I kinda sorta broke that rule today (on my very first day) but it was by accident. I had arrived to work in a dress and cardigan wearing pretty lavender pastel tights that matched my outfit great, however they were super uncomfortable and big on me and they started pulling down, on the waist. Considering that on those Sundays when I work, it is a 13-hour day for me there is no way I could sit, let alone stand or walk around like that, so I went to the closest hosiery/lingerie store (where I happen to have purchased many other pairs of tights before, I love their selection) and purchased 3 pairs. I needed to change into a new pair ASAP. So I purchased two pairs for the Buy 1 get 1 Half off deal and the third pair (a thicker, colder weather type) was 50%. All in all I spent 14 bucks so I was happy. If that's all I spend for my own clothes/fun purchases for this month than we don't really have a problem. I will soooo try to stick to this rule and allow myself a nice, bigger, better purchase next month since May happens to be my Birthday Month, as well. See, I am already thinking ahead and this "NO SHOPPING MONTH" doesn't make me so selfless after all because I do plan on spending some change next month (though just within one month's budget, not two month's worth of shopping).

And no, just because today is April 1st I am not fooling myself and I am not lying to you guys either about saying that I won't buy any new clothes this month. Instead I will treat myself with a dessert or ice cream here and there, and perhaps a girls' night out with a friend. =) I am keeping my fingers crossed that I do indeed follow my own rule - this will be a first for me, because in general, at least in the last 7 years or so I have not gone more than 3 weeks without purchasing some new item of clothing or accessory, which meant I have shopped at least once a month. Keep your fingers crossed for me as well.

So as you guys know, I haven't had my own computer for a little over a month now. I have been uploading my photos from my camera to an USB and last weekend I attempted to do some changes with the pics (just basic stuff such as necessary cropping or changing the contrast/brightness) and the program I used (not Photoshop) is a-self-installed program that my in-laws' laptop offers and needless to say when I saved the photos, despite me changing the rotations, a lot of them are sideways, so I am sorry if your heads will have to tilt or if you have to move horizontally to view the photos, but there is nothing I can do. Unfortunately I saved several outfits' photos like this, so I apologize in advance for the direction of the pics. But computers and computer programs have a mind of their own sometimes and we simply "have to obey" such fussy minds. The quality of the photos came out decent considering this is no Photoshop, just a super simple program where you can make minimal changes to your photos. Too bad about the direction though.

So this Bright Kelly Green Ponte Skirt is one of the skirts I purchased last month (among many other skirts). I love this skirt, despite the side-slit up front. But it's still work-appropriate if worn with dark tights. I loved this skirt so much, I purchased it in Bright Turquoise as well. They were a little less than $7 a piece, down from $39.50. That is a deal for sure. Also this Navy Sweater and that Dragonfly Pin are two of my favorite things in the Cardigan and Pins' Collections. =)

Navy Blue, Collared-Neck, Double-Breasted Cardigan: J.Crew.
Kelly Green, Ponte Mini-Skirt: Koton.
Diamond-printed, Black Tights: Old Navy.
Silver Dragon-Fly Pin w/ Silver & Pink Rhinestones: Forever 21.
Bright, Shiny, New, Pink Lipstick: Flormar. (I purchased this with 2 other gorgeous colors for myself as a VDay gift, this year. All 3 lipsticks have beautiful colors and they feel so soft and moisturize the lips, also).