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Stripes, Sneakers and Sporty Americana - Part One.

Good Morning you All and Happy Monday! I have been back home from Vacation since Saturday. You should have seen the laundry and folding I had to do over the weekend. Vivian still keeps saying "the beach" and "I love seaside" so I am positive she misses it and had a great time. Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook might have seen the pictures and videos I have posted daily of us at the beach, well Vivi mostly but still. Thank you to all of you who still visited my blog and joined last Thursday's linkup and to Rachel and Nina for Guest Posting (here and here). If you remember, we left off with a White Dress-themed week. Well, I still have three more Dresses to post from June and I will be back on Thursday (not in a dress lol) co-hosting with a lovely Michigan Blogger.
I wore this dress the last day of June to work actually. Lucky me that I get to work in a casual environment because a cotton jersey maxi feels like pajamas. This one has Cobalt, White…