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Winter Coats.

You guys, I promised a post with lots of fun Winter accessories and outerwear today. But between the freezing temperatures (we currently have about 4-5 inches of snow and the temperature is 12 degrees) which also make it so hard to take photos and the fact that I work all day today, I wasn't able to have that particular outfit handy, but I should by Monday. Today I wanted to share two pictures from Winter (albeit from past Winters) where I have worn a couple of nice, warm Wool Coats. I love a good Coat for Winter. Over the last few years I have had some bright-colored ones too like in Red, Fuchsia, Mustard and Teal. But of course a Navy, Black or Gray Coat are always a go-to for me. Do you own a colored coat? How have you worn it for Winter?
Heather Gray, Double-Breasted, Wool Coat: Bebe. Taupe & Purple Cashmere, Wide Wrap Scarf:Banana Republic. Royal Blue, Ruched Sweater Dress:Express. Gold, Silk, Braided Headband:Pacific Sunwear. Black Stripped Tights: Old Navy. Leopard Suede, Poi…