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Currently: February 2016.

Though February is the shortest month, make no mistake that it is quite a busy month. And event-wise, February is a very busy month for everyone. So many fun things and events happen in February: Valentine's Day, Women's Heart Disease month, The Super Bowl, the Grammy's, the Oscars, you name it. Speaking of the Super Bowl, are you watching it tonight? What team are you in favor of? I will be joining the Currently (February) Link-up with Anne and Jenna as usual. So, check out what I am up to this leap month.

sending: Valentine's Day Cards and Birthday Cards+Gifts. This year I am sending out some Valentine's Day Cards to some of my favorite people, a few friends, a few of my favorite couples (like some of my cousins and their significant others), my parents and one specifically for my mom. This year I picked out a card for my daughter too and some fun love-themed ribbon pins for her. They have cute little love messages on them. Of course, I am handing out a card to my…