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Then and Now: Burgundy Corduroy Pants.

Good morning everyone. I feel like I have been slacking in outfit posts in the last few weeks. Last week for example I didn't photograph any of my outfits. I went to work 3 days and also was out and about a couple of times. But between limited time and a lot of chilly weather and cold rain, I wasn't in the mood for a personal photo-shoot. And I have had a week of headaches and migraines. =( I still have some outfits that I have worn and photographed in the last few weeks (like today's) and I plan on shooting several more this week so not to worry. 
Today, I am showing you an outfit featuring my Burgundy Corduroy Pants and a new Olive Utility Blouse. I thought it was fun to do a Then & Now post, since I have styled these pants for cool Spring days before. Actually the outfit on the left (on the collage above) is almost taken exactly 4 years ago as opposed to the one on the right. Both outfits were worn to work. Back then I styled the pants a little equestrian and chic-st…