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Here we are, ready to start the twelfth and last month of 2017. We are saying Goodbye to November and Hello to December. Did you know that May and December are my favorite months of the year?! Yes, they sure are - for different reasons. But I will be honest, since Vivian was born January has become a favorite too and to me January is the most special month of the year. Of course, like most of us (especially like most bloggers) I love, love December because 1] I get to deck the halls in every area of my house (today's post will show that too) and 2] I get to wear lots of pretty, fancy and festive looks. I like anything red, green, white, silver, gold, sequined, sparkly, velvet, fur, cozy and warm. So Welcome December!

lighting: the Christmas lights in both of our big trees, the lights outside (in the front of our home, by the evergreen bushes) and of course many different candles throughout the house. I have so many different season smells going on in different areas of the house li…

Thursday Moda #91: Plaid Mini Skirts and French Berets.

Good morning ladies. Oh I have got two very fun outfits for you today and they have two things in common: Plaid Mini Skirts and French Berets. Don't you see the French vibes here?! Actually I wore the first outfit (with the Fun Bird Sweater) this Tuesday when our temps were as high as 62 degrees - hence the bare legs. I got a lot of compliments on this look from co-workers, strangers and even some of you who saw peaks of this outfit on my Instagram - those of you who don't follow me, you should =P. I took the opportunity and seized the moment as far as the nice warm sunny weather goes and I decided to shoot a little dressier, different pattern-mixed Red+Navy Outfit for you. But I kept several elements the same for both looks: plaid mini skirts, bright handbags, beret hats and French vibes. 
So which of these two outfits is your favorite?! I think I like the one with the Who What Wear Asymmetric Wrap Skirt (the first outfit) slightly more.

THE  PLAID  MINI  SKIRTS. The Gray Classi…