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My September 2019 Bucket List.

September - in my opinion - is a month of NEW. New beginnings, new dreams, new school year. Kids going back to school is a big part of that as they are tackling a new school year with new wishes, dreams, hopes, challenges, difficulties, lessons, homework, etc, etc. Parents on the other hand go back to their routine, more normal schedules (with kids starting school again), and they have to find out new ways to push kids to eat good and healthy, study hard, read more, practice more, etc, etc. In many ways things starting down at least in the beginning of the school year as everyone is getting settled in and both kids and their parents and grandparents are getting used to the new schedule. The beginning of September feels slow and like it is going by slower than August who flew by (it always does!!), especially with Summer winding down and sunsets coming by faster and faster each evening. But then life moves in a faster lane and we are rushing so much each morning to get kids dressed, fe…