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Liebster and Outfit.

Earlier this week Megan Mae whom I follow religiously, posted these answers from a Liebster Award she got. She then awarded/had her own set of questions for each one of her followers to answer. But first, today I decided to answer the same questions she answered and on a later post I will answer Megan's questions, too.

1) Besides fashion, what other types of blogs do you follow?
Blogs on lifestyles, arts, crafts and DIY, cooking/baking blogs, jewelry blogs, etc. Mostly these are all on Blogger but sometimes I check out Word Press and Tumblr.

2) Riskiest thing you've ever done?
Leaving United States last November and coming to Albania (my home country) with my husband, after living in US for half of my life. I cannot say that I won't ever go back at the States but for now Tirana (Albania's capital) is home to me. I plan on visiting US for at least two months next year, though. I miss so many things about the States, especially my dear family.

3) Flight or invisibility?