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Golden Globes' Bold in Black - Best Dressed.

This year's Golden Globes were a little different both style-wise as well as in regards to the message they tried to convey through the fashions worn by these beautiful Hollywood people. Plus, no one can forget the best speech of the night - Oprah's speech when she received the Cecil B. de Mille award. In support of all women against sexual harassment, the dress code was "All Black" and most ladies (and gentlemen) honored the dress code by wearing all black. Some wore black coordinated with other colors like a pop of white, cream, red or gold but there were a few ladies wearing other colors too. "Time's Up" buttons were the IT accessory at the Golden Globes. I definitely agree with the support and idea behind wearing black this year. But at first - I will be honest with you - I didn't know how to feel about everyone having to wear black. In a way, wearing all black, it is a type of mourning that is why I think wearing colors and celebrating womanhoo…