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All about My Father.

I have never written a post about my dad. I have done so about my mom (more than once), my husband (more than once) and I have mentioned my brother and even my younger cousin Gloria, who is like a younger sister to me, several times, on the blog. Today's post however is all about my dad since Father's Day is only a week away. It might get a little mushy so you can skip it if you prefer.

My dad is a great guy. He is nice, kind and quiet for the most part. He is level-headed and often keeps to himself. But him and I butt heads all the time, we always have, at least since I was a tween or a teenager. I think it happens because in some areas we are exactly the same (very similar personality traits) and in other areas we disagree 100% (we have some personality characteristics that we are polar opposites in). So yeah, my dad and I can butt heads and disagree often in different conversations - it happens more often than we'd like and I wish it didn't but I am being honest. Des…