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Teal Ombre, Olay!!

Hell All. Friday is here and it is kind of a mehhh Friday for me. I am almost done with work for today, but my house is a mess. For starters I gotta wash the large pile of dishes that have accumulated over the last 3 days or so. Also, I have to do some folding and putting away of clothes. I would love to get a nap in there, as well, and a shower after, since tomorrow is a 15-hour long work day for me.

Anyway, I don't know what it is about Teal and/or Green with me this summer but I can't keep taking it off my body. Now that I see this dress in photos, it is kind of short for work. Oh well I wore it on a Weekend Day. Those are the days busiest for customers but laid-back when it comes to office-work, or the chance of me being yelled at by superiors or such. Most of these days are spent of me in my office, at times doing work and at times reading or not doing much else. Love the little Ombre effect of this dress with the quite dark bottom, graduating into a pretty Green from the…