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Mixing Red Plaid and Bold Leopard Touches with Faux Leather.

What I like about Fashion these last couple of years is that (pretty much) anything goes. Plaid with Leopard and Faux Leather? Sure why not. Loose, Man's Button-down with Sexy, Skinny Pants? Done. Big Flower Necklace on top of a Statement Scarf? Totally. Leather Tough Girl and Silk Ruffles? Yep. These are all trends I have mixed and matched in today's Outfit. My Shirt is my Husband's. He barely wears it so I may "borrow" it permanently since I don't have an every-day Red Plaid Shirt. I like those women who are able to borrow from their men and look like a million bucks, making their Outfits, their own. I have done it a few times before and plan on doing it again. This Outfit worked for a Girls' Night Out with 2 other friends. My Jewelry was playful, too. Both of my friends had something to say about the Outfit, too LOL. One comment wasn't all that nice but she applauded me for trying to print-mix. I agree print-mixing isn't for everyone, but I hav…