Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kelly Green Shorts paired with a Pretty White Top.

I didn't mean not to post yesterday but once again time slipped out of my hands. I got so busy, then later in the evening we got guests for dinner and before I knew it, after "America's Got Talent" (I love that show) it was bedtime. Anyway, I got more Shorts & more Bows for you today. I am pairing these Bright Green Shorts with one of my Favorite White Tops with Batwing Short Sleeves & a Wide Band on the bottom that creates a Billowy effect and lots of Ruching. This is the Softest Cotton Top with a little bit of Spandex. As far as Accessories, I wore one of my Newest Necklaces (layered with Chains & Squares) in Green, Hot Pink, White & Orange with lots of Matching Multi-Colored & Gold Sparkly Bangles, My Royal Blue+Neon Sandals & a Neon Green Bow Hair Clip to prettify my Sock Bun (you guys know how I love my Hair Accessories). My Bow, Long Necklace, Bracelet Bangles & Sandals are all new and altogether costed me under 20 bucks, by the way. Not too shabby hmmm?

White, Boat-Neck, Soft Cotton, Short-Sleeve Tee: White House Black Market.
Kelly Green, Cotton Shorts w/ Rolled Hem: H&M.
Gold Chain, Layered Necklace w/ White Cloves & Orange, White, Green & Hot Pink Squares: A Local Boutique.
Multi-Colored Metallic & Sparkly Gold Bangles (in a set of 20): A Random Street Vendor.
Faux Gold Ring w/ Semi-Precious Red-Coral, Square Stone: Banana Republic.
Neon Green, Plastic, Bow Hair Clip: An Accessories Boutique.
Electric Blue, Jelly Sandals w/ Neon Circle Decorations: Simple Shoes (New).

I, also wanted to wish a Very Happy Belated Birthday to Stylish Agi who looked Amazing in not 1 but 2 Birthday Outfits (including the one below) where she wore her Favorite Rose Necklace by J Crew - which I also Love.
Jacob's Black and White peplum top

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