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Saturday is for Vivian - 1st Halloween.

Hi Guys, how was your Halloween? How about the weekend? It is my very last weekend here in Michigan (for now) and I am spending it with family. It has been a very busy last couple of days with all the packing. I hope none of the luggage is over-weight. I would hate taking away any of the clothes/belongings. Anyway, I figured I would squeeze in a little post, updating you all about Vivian's very first Halloween on this last week in USA. They say a picture is worth a thousand of words, so without any further ado, here are a bunch of photos.

Vivian celebrated her very first Halloween as a Beautiful Minnie Mousse. F.Y.I. Both of Vivian's "Minnie Mousse" Outfits/Dresses are from Disney Kids. Her Tights are both from Carter's. Yes, Vivian does cry every now and then. I know you are used to seeing her happy, smiling & laughing. She cries too at times. She gets mad. She gets upset. She gets cranky. She is a baby after all. But in general she is a lovely sweetheart, a so…