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Currently, March 2017.

It feels like I just wrote my last currently post, just the other day. In actuality, it hasn't even been 4 weeks. February proved to be the super short month it always is. It definitely felt like it. I blinked and bam, it is gone (one more day). The first Wednesday of each month, ANNE of Anne In Residence hosts this fun monthly linkup called "Currently". She comes up with 5 prompts (verbs) of what we are up to for that particular month and below I have March's edition. 

Before I go ahead with the prompts, I want to add a few goals to these monthly posts. I didn't make any New Year's resolutions which is good but I do want to accomplish some things/goals each month. For March I want to:

- get my taxes done and sent.
- spent very little or no money on myself. My closet only needs about 3 things (a pair of mules, skinny black jeans and a blue denim jacket), so no need to spend on other unnecessary things.
- finish the 2 books I have already started to read and start…