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New Pastel Floral Sweater.

Pastels and Florals are two of my favorite things for Spring. Meet my new Favorite Sweater. It was 14 bucks and it has a Pretty Artsy Floral Print in shades of Blush, Baby Pink and Nude. I love it. I wore it on the same day I bought it (just yesterday, in case you are wondering). It was with a gift card from my lovely mom so Thanks Mom. She had seen it at the store by the way and told me about it. The first time around it I wore it with my Skinny Ponte+Faux Leather Black Pants and Nude Patent Leather Pumps which match the Sweater so well. I added a couple of Bracelets, a Pink Watch and a Coral Statement Necklace. I ended up loving this Outfit worn to work and later to dinner.
This is the first Outfit from my Top 10 Challenge Remix and the item I am remixing is the Coral Necklace. This Outfit also follows Pastels from the next prompt on the Create 28 Spring Looks (a challenge I am currently doing) and tomorrow it is "Flaunt Your Florals" so technically my Sweater covers both, …