Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Currently, July 2017.

I cannot believe that 2017 is half-way through and the 4th of July is already over. This year was one for the books as far as 4th of July weekends go because mostly we did nothing (read: relaxing and watching movies, ice cream or fro-yo dates, a boat ride and watching fireworks), but it was the first year I took Vivian to watch fireworks and she totally understands the whole thing now. She pretty much gets every holiday since she is almost 4 and a half. And she wished so many people (strangers we saw outside) to have a happy 4th of July so that was nice. It is always sweet to see her bubbly, upbeat, social butterfly personality come out. It makes me feel good as her mom since I am the person who has been mostly raising her and spends the most time with her. I may be biased because she is my daughter, but Vivian has a lovely personality and you can see it on the photos and videos I post of her too.

I love doing these Currently posts that ANN from Anne in Residence gives us prompts to, every month. I love to see what prompts she comes up with each month and of course I love to link up with Anne the first Wednesday of each month.

documenting: Summer memories with lots of mini videos and pictures I snap daily for Instagram Stories. I appreciate all of you who comment on those and all the likes I have been getting. So if you are not a follower of my Instagram yet, please start following. Almost all the content I post there is different than what I post on the blog. 

accomplishing: cleaning, organizing, purging and closet organization over the last 4 days we were off. So those days off from work weren't completely wasted away lol.

enjoying: the Summer reality tv shows. Every Summer I look forward to and I am a huge fan of "Big Brother" and this year has more twists and turns than ever (just when I thought they couldn't do more twists lol) as well as "America's Got Talent" where the talent is super amazing and raw as always. This year I am also loving "World of Dance" where the amazing super-talented Derek Hough is one of the judges. Later this Summer I am looking forward to "Bachelor in Paradise" and of course I have been watching "The Bachelorette". I love Rachel as the chosen bachelorette. 

reading: children's books. At the current time we have 6 or 7 books in rotation we read with my daughter. 

spending: less money on shopping and/or eating out than I have before. I ordered 3 new pairs of shorts, a new one-piece swimsuit and a new sun hat since I have a vacation coming up in August. I might need to get Vivi a new swimsuit too but rather than that we are good. It feels good to spend less and try to save. 

Let's look back at past outfits I have worn, in different years but during this time of the year, on the blog.

As you all know, I love remixing my closet. In this post I wore the same Grey Polka Dot Leggings with the same Cobalt Blue Long Tee but in two different ways (one just shown above). Both outfits are very comfortable and very casual because that was my life as a new mom with a 5-month old baby at the time. But I love that I have on a little red+white+blue in honor of America's Birthday. I wish I still had that pretty striped cardigan. I love that I dressed this up with a Statement Necklace which has every color of my outfit: purple, red, white, grey, cobalt blue, fuchsia and even pale pink.

In this post I introduced a new hairstyle and a New Floral Dress. My hairstyle is similar to the same one I have now (same length) except a lot more choppy layers. I loved this Fit+Flare Floral Dress - I am a sucker for dresses as you know - this one has so many pretty colors in it and a great print. I did an entire week of dresses the first week of July 2014 and this was such a great option to kick off my dress week. The background of the dress was white so I opted for Red Shoes and a Red Statement Necklace paired with a Blue Wristlet Clutch (for some form of patriotism). I wore this to work then and look what a difference a year makes: from being a casual stay-at-home mom on maternity leave, to a fancy dressy office lady.

In this post I shared not one but two Favorite Go-To Summer Looks (I posted them both above) and more Red, White + Blue with some Pink thrown in there. I have worn my Medium Wash H&M Denim Jacket a million times, especially over a dress. I love it over Summer Dresses and that is a type of uniform for me - I have even shown this 'uniform' twice this Summer in my current OOTD posts. I particularly love a denim jacket+floral dress combo. In the first outfit my Gorgeous Tassel Turquoise Loafers bring out the Turquoise Color of the dress and yet another Red Beaded Necklace. On the second outfit I love the addition of the Fedora and that I added a Black+White Floral Scarf (Tres Chic) to the Love/Amour Bag. The scarf matched the Super Pretty and Modern Zebra+Solid B+W Sandals which I wish I still had in my closet here in US. I think my second outfit of these two is my favorite.

last year.

And last Summer was the Summer where I wore a ton of Little White Dresses, some dressed up and some dressed down like this one here. In honor of America's birthday I paired it with my Dark Denim Sneakers and my Little Red Crossbody Bag. I added a pop of Millenial Pink in the mix with my "Danielle" Rose Quartz Earrings and my "Elisa" Rose Gold Dainty Necklace both by Kendra Scott - two pieces I own and love. And check out the original post here to see my sweetheart Vivi in a pretty red dress and a braided crown hairdo.

Do you like these Throw-Back Outfits?! What are you wearing this Summer?! A brand-new linkup ill be live tonight at 6.00 PM Eastern time so make sure you stop by and join it. Thank you and Happy Hump Day!

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