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Happy Father's Day to Vivian's Daddy and Beach Pics!

Today is Father's Day. I am blessed to not only have a great dad, but also a loving father-in-law and especially an amazing dad for my daughter Vivian. My two grandfathers are unfortunately gone, but they were amazing men and awesome dads and granddads, too. I want to wish my dad and my loving husband, as well as my father-in-law a Very Happy Father's Day, today!! It is not a holiday we recognize or celebrate in Albania, but my dad lives in the States and while I am here in Europe, I still do something little to honor my husband, too. This is his third year celebrating being a father. =)

In honor of Father's Day, I wanted to share some of the latest pictures of my husband Piro and Our Daughter Vivian, and a few of the three of us as a family, as well. Vivian is lucky to be blessed with a very loving father who adores her and loves her endlessly. She mimics a lot of things he does and loves piggybacking on him. They also do this fun thing with their tongues as if they make f…