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Saturday is for Vivian's Party!!!

As I have mentioned before on this blog, my Baby Girl Vivian was born on a Saturday. Today she is exactly 33 weeks old. Saturdays have become special to me because of her birth. They are sort of bittersweet too, since each Saturday marks another week that Vivian grows older. But she also grows more clever, happier, more independent, smarter, sweeter and prettier each day. I can't help but feel Lucky, Happy, Content & Blessed.

Vivian and I have been to the States since July 12th. So, we have celebrated her 6-month and her 7-month Birthdays here so far. This month will be the 8th, we are also staying all through October. But then we have to go back home in Albania where Daddy is dying to see us since he misses his Girls. Since I didn't have a Baby Shower (it is not a tradition in Albania) and since when we celebrate Vivi's one-year Birthday we will be in Albania, My Parents wanted to throw a Party in her Honor, a Welcome Party if you will, since she will be leaving soon. …