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Week's Best Looks: November 18th 2012.

Once again it is Sunday, and for the third Sunday in a row, I am doing "Week's Best Looks". =) This week it is a little bit different since both myself and a bunch of other fashionable ladies I follow, took a Clothing Challenge that pertained to 5 Beautiful Fall Colors: Teal, Wine, Pumpkin, Mustard & Gray. In this week's best, I chose 11 looks altogether. First I have 5 Best Looks of ladies who chose to do this challenge. I choose a favorite look for each color/each day. And my second list offers 6 other looks which I adored, this week. To see the first week's installment click here. =), for the second installment right here.

This Week's Lovely Looks from the Fall Fashion Challenge, include (from left to right):
Monica wears a Beautiful, A-line, 50s-Inspired Gray Dress featuring a Lime Floral Print, topped off with a Teal Cardigan. Her legs look extra-long in Charcoal Gray Tights with Sexy Black Booties. Megan wears an Orange-Red Dress topped off with a S…

My Baby Story: 29 Weeks plus an Outfit.

This has been a quiet week in Baby Land, meaning my girl has been quieter than usually. And I haven't weighed myself, until this morning and I am still pretty much the same as I was the last time I weighed myself.

As far as baby happenings this week, yesterday I went and did some toy shopping for her and got her 3 super-soft plush toys: a red heart with a pink bear inside, a pink dog and a duckie that makes the typical duck noise LOL. Also, my Mother in Law was in Brussels this week for work and she did some shopping for her first grand-daughter. She also got her some gorgeous plush animals, a beautiful pink coat & scarf, a jumper and a hat. I could really go to baby stores and spend hours whether browsing or shopping, but I usually don't take a lot of money with me. My girl has a big enough wardrobe as it is. I really shouldn't be spending a lot of money and plus I am still waiting on more stuff to be shipped from my mom and aunts and from a couple of friends. =)

How F…