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Camel and Mauve.

Sometimes I surprise myself when I put together an outfit or color combination, by how well it works and how great it looks. That is how I feel about both today's outfit and the combination of Camel with Mauve (which I hadn't tried before, but love it). This exact shade of mauve is between a blush pink and a lilac and the camel is soft and neutral enough, not too dark so the two colors work together so well. And even-though I color-blocked two colors here, since I have on 2 different shades of camel (from the waist down) and 3 shades of mauve (from the waist up, including my beaded clutch) it is still a very soft and feminine monochromatic look. And I wore this outfit to work the day after I cut my hair in late October. I was doing my part in wearing Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, still.
This Faux Suede Wrap Skirt is amazing. I walked into Express a few weeks ago (hadn't been there since August when my sister in law was in town) and I picked up this skirt, a cropped swea…