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The Golden Globes 2016.

Last Sunday, the first big award show of this heavy award season came on with a bang. I am talking about the Golden  Globes. I had not watched an entire award show from the beginning (red carpet arrivals too) till the end, in a few years. Award shows tend to run really long and at times can get boring. Well, I was happy with a lot of the nominees that won (especially with Leonardo DiCaprio and Sylvester Stallone who both got well-deserved standing ovations too) and did a "What?" "Huh?" with a couple of other winners (Lady Gaga, Rachel Bloom). The night was filled with beautiful fashions and of course there were some not-so-pretty dresses and gowns, too.

Trends we saw were romantic details like floaty dresses such as in chiffon, lace, see-through pieces, big romantic sleeves; puffy ball gowns; red - a big color this year too - from classic bright cherry red to more wine and maroon tones; jewel tones like bright blues, emerald, navy and mustard; prints - some ladies …