Friday, March 16, 2018

Poetry - Only One You.

Only  One  You… 
(February 27th 2018)

Roar, yell, scream like the queen you are,
cause you are not a pushover,
you are a fighter, a survivor, a brave soul,
you walk every day with your head held high!

Be proud, be thankful of all you have accomplished,
not all of it was good, there were some failures,
but they all taught you valuable lessons,
it all leaded you to where you are now!

Dance as if no one is watching you
and if they are, encourage them to do the same,
life is too short to worry about what others will say
and what they think of you is none of your business anyway…

Sing, find the sweet voice inside you and sing,
sing till your lungs cannot handle it anymore,
for every tear you once shed, now there is a reason to celebrate
and to find the melodies that were once missing…

Jump, swim, dive into the deep blue sea,
be surrounded by beauty and nature,
challenge your fears and follow your intuitions,
fly every day like a bird set free!

Go out, have a drink …or four,
experience the hangover in the morning,
don’t have a care for anything in the world,
find the child hidden in you and behave like him
                                                                at least just once!

Swear if you have to, cry if you must,
listen to emo songs if that is what you need to do,
write your little heart out
but never ever feel bad for yourself…

There is only one you and therefore your life is only yours,
everyday you will face challenges, hardships and bad seeds,
but each of those days will also bring a reason for you to smile

and remind yourself how special you are!